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Terms of Service

Terms of Service:

Welcome to Empower Cycle! Before you embark on your fitness journey with us, please take a moment to read and understand our Terms of Service outlined below.

1. Membership and Services:

a. Empower Cycle provides indoor cycling classes and related services.

b. Memberships, class packages, and services are subject to availability.

2. Membership Plans:

a. Membership plans and associated fees are outlined on our website and are subject to change.

b. Memberships may have specific terms and conditions, as detailed in the membership agreement.

3. Booking and Cancellation:

a. Classes must be booked in advance through our online platform or in-person at the studio.

b. Cancellations must be made within the specified time frame to avoid penalties, as outlined in our cancellation policy.

4. Late Arrival:

a. Late arrivals may result in the forfeiture of the reserved spot in the class.

b. The instructor may, at their discretion, allow late entry.

5. Membership Payments:

a. Members are responsible for the timely payment of all membership fees.

b. Membership fees are non-refundable, and partial refunds will not be issued for unused portions of the membership term.

6. Code of Conduct:

a. Members are expected to conduct themselves respectfully towards staff and fellow members.

b. Inappropriate behavior may result in the termination of membership without refund.

7. Health and Safety:

a. Members must adhere to all posted safety guidelines and follow instructor instructions.

b. Members with health concerns should consult a healthcare professional before participating in classes.

8. Changes to Terms:

Empower Cycle reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Members will be notified of any changes in advance.

9. Release of Liability:

a. Participation in Empower Cycle classes is at your own risk.

b. Empower Cycle and its staff are not liable for any injuries or damages sustained during classes or within the premises.

10. Termination of Membership:

a. Empower Cycle reserves the right to terminate memberships for violation of terms or for any other reason.

b. Termination may result in the loss of unused class credits or membership fees.

11. Contact Information:

For any inquiries or concerns, please contact us at

By using Empower Cycle's services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms of Service.

Thank you for choosing Empower Cycle. Let's ride towards your fitness goals together!

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